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Attracting Visitors

You have to let people know about your website. How else will they know to visit? Then make it attractive so people will stay longer and come back more often.

Market — Expand — Traffic

Management Level 4: Promote

Purpose of Website Promotion

Promoting your website includes a set of activities that will broadcast it on the Web and get it before the public. It intends to advance your site's reason for existing as a website.

Promotion intends to market and advertise your site on the Web in various ways that will attract visitors, make them aware of the products and services you offer, and encourage them to take the desired action that you intend them to take.

What Website Promotion Covers

Your website promotin by Inphase will take one dedicated page of your website and manage it in different marketing strategies.

What Is Included

Inphase Website Promotion includes Inphase Website Management Level 1: Update, Website Management Level 2: Maintain, and Website Management Level 3: Develop, plus activities in the following marketing stragegies:

What Is Not Included

While website promotion sweeps a wide veriaty of activities, there are some things that Inphase Promotion Plan does not cover.

It does not cover some design elements as a new website, blog, newsletter, or photo. A good guide to go by is to ask if the element to design needs to be designed from scratch. If it is a new creation, it is considered as an element that needs to be designed from scratch and therefore subject to design fees.

Inphase Promotion does not cover any third party charges made to your account as a result of the promotional activity.

Nor does Inphase Management Level 4: Promotion include a gaurantee that you will get rich overnight—or rich at all. It does gaurantee that your website, products, and services will be presented in such a way on your website to entice visitors to take the required action that you desire them to take.

Example of Website Promotion

Our example of Website Promotion includes a small retail business with about two hundred products and a local delivery service. The owner has a small website that advertises his company, but it needs to be modernized and updated. The owner would like to add some products to the site plus his delivery service and be able to sell his products online. He would like to establish an online customer base and as a result, increase overall sales.

What will Inphase do in this situation?

Inphase will initate a planning session with the owner to establish recommendations, goals and strategy for successful completion.

As the Promotion Plan also includes Development, the present site will be updated and developed, but not redesigned (the difference is that in development, the existing site is worked on. In redesign, the old site is discarded and a new site is started).

Monthly followup and reporting will be completed with the owner or designee.

Benefits of Website Promotion

Successful website promotion can greately improve the overall impression of your website, generate interest in it, drive visitors to it, increase your customer base and sales, and present you with a wealth of information for better business decision making.

Although website promotion is a slow, tedious process, Inphase Promotion of your website does not carry a long-term contract. So, at any time, the promotional activity can be started or stopped. This helps you to control your costs and complete website promotion only at desired times.

Cost of Website Promotion

$89.50 per Month for Inphase Management Level 4: Promotion

Low Hourly Rate

At $89.50 per month with a guranteed 21 hours per month service equates to only $4.26 per hour for marketing and promoting your website. Unheard of pricing!

Completing A Successful Sales Campaign

A successful sales campaign hopefully will increase sales, which in turn will increase revenue. To be successful, several preliminary parametures must be established; parametures as sales price, length of campaign, maximum costs, and etc. It may even include getting the website in a condition to be successful. These things take time and money.

Although you can start and stop a campaign at any time, it is recommended to be patient and let the promotion work for you.

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