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Phase 4: Tools

Website tools include all third party software as programs, modules, scripts, app's, widgets, gadgets, snippets, and etc. These tools are designed to make your website dynamic, giving your site a particular command to do, or a set of instructions for numerous functions to complete.

These tools can be found in your Developer's Account (cPanel). When you logon to that account, it will display a window with several categorized panels. To view and learn more about a tool, or to install it, click the appropriate panel and select the tool.

For convenience, Inphase has grouped these tools in ten toolboxes that relate to the most popular usage and interest you have for your business. See descriptions below or links to the boxes on the right panel.

The toolboxes are listed below.

Customer Support Toolbox

Build confidence in your website and company through a good solid support system, letting your customers and visitors know that they are not alone.

View the Customer Support Toolbox.

eCommerce Toolbox

Add E-Commerce to your site and create an online business for your visitors to purchase and pay for your products and services.

View the eCommerce Toolbox.

Management Toolbox

Manage and share your website files and databases, free up space on your server, and keep your site organized and working efficiently and properly.

View the Managament Toolbox.

Media Toolbox

Add special media to your site to inform, educate, or gain interest from your visitors.

View the Media Toolbox.

Networking Toolbox

Build your own network of followers with an educational site, email marketing, surveys, customer support, and more.

View the Networking Toolbox.

Resource Planning Toolbox

Setup and monitor checks and balances for auditing, analyzing, and controlling different aspects of your business.

View the Resource Planning Toolbox.

Promotional Toolbox

Create your own ad site or banners to market your site and use SEO techniques to improve your rankings.

View the Promotiional Toolbox.

Site-building Toolbox

Create your own website for free and manage your content efficiently with blogs, portals, CMS, and more.

View the Site-building Toolbox.

Social Toolbox

Manage your images and show them off online, get music and video on your site, have your visitors sign your guestbook, and keep them updated with your latest changes with RSS feeds.

View the Social Toolbox.

Web Scripts Toolbox

Web scripts are already installed on your server. All you have to do is click the tool of your choice to activate it and follow the instructions.

View the Web Scripts Toolbox.

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