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About Website Tools

When talking or reading about website design and development, you may run across terms as script, module, app, widget, snippet, hook, etc. Each is a command, written in a software programming language. Some are very extensive and some are very short, consisting of a line or two. But, they all are software commands written to create particular functions for a website.

When Inphase talks about tools for your website, it includes all third party software that is written and coded to make your webiste dynamic. Some of that software is a platform for creating your own software tools.

Tools must be selected from Inphase approved list of tools


Third Party Software

Inphase calls most all third party software, other than websites, tools. Website tools help you add dynamics to your website. Some are stand alone programs and others will allow you to embed them right on your website. Either way, they will help you accomplish a particular purpose as creating and sending out a survey to see what your customers like and don't like. Or, generating a professional invoicing system. Or, perhaps allow your visitors to play checkers with each other. Or, more!

Whatever the purpose, web tools enable you achieve it.

Take Action

All modern websites are written in a programming language called HTML and styled with rules called CSS. If nothing else were added, you might have a beautiful website, but it would be static. It would be for presentation only.

To make your website dynamic, you must apply other software to it. Dynamic software is written in other coding languages other than HTML. These other languages allow your website to function and complete the command or commands that are contained within it.

You must have tools to take action.

You need tools to get your website to work for you and other tools to keep it working properly and efficiently.

Where To Find Tools

All-in-all, Inphase provides over 380 tools to help you create, organize, and manage your websites. All the tools are open-source, i.e. free for your use. However, some tools may call for other software that is subject to cost: as a shopping cart may need a merchant account that is not free. In such cases, the client is responsible for any additional costs.

These tools are made available to you through your hosting control panel. You must have an active account with Inphase to find and use the tools.

Caution About Tools

While we encourage you to use any tool that we provide, we also remind you that each tool takes up space and resources on your hosting server. Taking up too many resources can slow your website down, or even cause it to be inoperative.

You may want to remove a tool you no longer need before you add another. That way you can free up needed resources so you can use them with another tool. Or, upgrading to another hosting account with additional resources may be an option for you.


How To Pick The Right Tool

Finding the right tool could become a tedious and complex task. We suggest some things that will help you narrow your search.

Determine What You Want To Accomplish

What exactly do you want to do? Do you want to build a website? Or, are you wanting to promote your present website? Perhaps you want a good set of analytical tools that will help you measure the effectivness of your site.

Determining what you want to accomplish is the first step in selecting the right tool. When you know what you want to do, then you will know what toolbox to get.

Locate The Toolbox On Inphase Website

To help us determine the right tools to use, Inpahse has collected all available tools and sorted them into seven different toolboxes according to their utility or functions. You can find these tools in their respective toolboxes on this website: Home>Tools> then click the function you want to get the appropriate toolbox as:

Make a note of the tool and the name of the toolbox so you can locate them within your Developer's Control Panel. That's where you will learn more about the tool and be able to activate it.

Learn More About The Tool

Each box contains several tools with a brief description of the specific tool. You can learn more about the tool by logging into your Developer's Account.

Get More Information From Your Developer's Control Panel

When you logon to your Developer's account, find the Software and Services panel and click the Softaculous icon. Your cPanel has two other auto installers, but Softacolous is a favorite. When Softacolous opens, you should see a long list of tool categories.

You can type in the name of the tool in the search bar to locate the tool. Or, find the category that's included in the toolbox from Inphase website.

You will find your tool within that category. Once you have clicked a tool category, it will reveal important information about each tool as its name, logo, version, release date, rating, and space requirements.

Click the name of the tool that you want to consider and it will display a page for installing the tool, overview, features screenshots, ratings, and reviews.

Try A Demo

If all the information satisfies your use for the tool, and you meet the tool's space requirements, try a demo of the tool. While you are looking at the individual tool, click the Demo tab on the menu bar. By observing a demo of the tool, you will get a feel for the tool's control panel. The tool's control panel can tell you a lot about the tool and if it is the right one for you.

Visit Publisher's Website

If you like the tool, but are still not convienced that it is the right one, feel free to visit the tools website. While viewing the tool in your Developer's Account, ensure you have the Install tab selected. To the right of the page and toward the bottom of the review, locate the icon for Software Support. You should find a link to Visit Support Site that will take you to a website with a wealth of information about the tool.

Once you are convienced that you want to use the tool and are ready to install it, you will install it from your Developer's Account. You must have a hosting account in good standing before you can install any tool.

How To Order Tools

Open Source Tools

You don't have to order most tools; they're free. All you have to do is login to your cPanel and navigate to the Software panel. Inphase recommends activating the Softaculous Apps Installer to find and install the tool of your choice.

Non-Open Source Tools

The tools that aren't open source, as SSL and forms, can be ordered as any other service or product from Inphase. Login to your account control panel, activate the Order New Services link under the Shortcuts menu on the left column. Then expand the Show Menu link at the top of the page, under the main menu bar. From there you can reach any tool, product, or service.

How To Install The Tool

You must have an active account with Inphase Website Hosting & Design before you can order any tools. All tools are only used with websites hosted with Inphase.

To create an account with Inphase, please complete these steps:

  1. Scroll up the page and find the blue link panel (immediately to the right) entitled Create Your Account
  2. Click the link entitled Register With Us
  3. Enter all required information on the registration page
  4. Check the box for I have read and agree to the Terms of Service under the red banner entitled Terms of Service
  5. Don't forget to enter the Spam Bot Verification
  6. Click the Register button

After you register with Inphase, you will receive several emails informing you of different aspects of your Inphase account.

From your Developer's Control Panel (cPanel), locate the tool you want to install. Click the tool's icon and ensure you have the Install tab activated. Fill out the required information. Once completed, click the Install button. It will notify you once the tool has been successfuly installed.

Ask Inphase For Help

Most tools are easy to install and setup, but if you don't have the time or just don't want to do it yourself, Inphase will install and setup any tool for $25.00.

Thanks for registering with us. We aim to make your journey a successful one.


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