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Phase 1: Design

Inphase offers more than just website design. It will design any website element that will help you enhance and promote your website.

The following links below will take you to the type of design that you want to consider. Simply click on any link, or use the blue vertical bar to the right, for the design you want to know more about.

Website Design

Inphase prefers the modern site design that tends to load faster and responds to visitors quicker. Search engines tend to like them better also.

But, to be sure we design to your specifications and requirements.

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Logo Design

Your logo is the design element you choose to represent your company, products and services. It is who you are in the eye of your visitor.

We give you your logo in vector, jpeg, and png file formats.

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Favicon Design

A Favicon is a small graphic that is part of your website name when viewed in a browser (if you have a favicon). It identifies your website's URL from all the other millions on the Internet. It's like a small logo that brands your website.

Favicons give your website a professional touch.

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Other Design Services

Inphase designs more than websites. It will design any special element for your website that will help promote it as anything from rollover buttons to Power Point presentations. And Inphase designs these elements with its mission of low-cost for you.

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Logo Design

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Favicon Design

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