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Phase 3: Hosting

Inphase always recommends starting any online adventure with good solid planning. That goes for your hosting also. Ask yourself questions...Ask any question that may come to mind about your hosting needs and then give it a well thought out answer. You will be better prepared to get the hosting plan that works best for you.

Learn more about Inphase hosting by visiting the Hosting Plans below. There are three classifications of hosting with three plans within each group, giving you nine plans that are designed to meet any of your special needs over a wide range of goals and requirements.

All Inphase web hosting servers are hosted in our partner's data center located in New York's Tech Valley Region. The data center is SSAE-16 Type 2 Certified, ENERGY STAR certified, 100% Green-Friendly and company-owned and operated.

Also see Design Bundles, designed to save you more when you get a website design and host it with Inphase.

Small Hosting Plans

Small hosting is bundled in 3 Hosting Plans to provide you with your choice of web space, cost, requirements and utility.

Small hosting is a good choice for personal, family, or small office with minimum requirements, but desires enough room and resources to have a functioning website that has a lot of potential.

These small hosting plans have plenty of web space, bandwidth and other tools to give you a strong working site on a smaller scale. They have been tailored to work best for small amount of requirements, a single landing page, or a low budget.

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Medium Hosting Plans

Our Medium Hosting Plans offers low cost hosting for those who want to start expanding and offering more products and services. Or, simply start expanding their customer base.

These medium hosting plans have plenty of web space, bandwidth and other tools to give you a strong working site with a growing platform. They are an excellent choice for startups who want plenty of room for growth so they can build a customer base and promote services and sales with less than one hundred products.

Medium hosting plans allow the entrepreneur, church, or business owner to add hundreds of products or services to their catalog list without having the worry of running out of Web room.

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Large Hosting Plans

Web space is like the size of your store where bandwidth is the size of your parking lot. The size of your store determines how much product you can hold at any given time. Your parking lot determines how many customers can park (visit) and browse (shop) inside your store.

The larger the Web space, the bigger the store. The larger the bandwidth, the more customers that can visit.

Bandwidth, on the other hand, is a measure of all the resources that are downloaded and/or uploaded from your website at any given month. Every time a visitor visits your website and lands on any page of your website, that page is downloaded to their computer. That download is bandwidth from your website. It's resources taken from the hosting server. It's a power drain put upon the hosting server. And if it's exceeded beyond it's capacity, it can be quite costly to you and your host because your server will shut down and quit serving.

These three large hosting plans are designed to give you plenty of bandwidth to perform your business activities on a large scale without the worry of violating any power drain on your hosting server.

Large hosting plans are bundled in 3 Hosting Plans to provide you with your choice of web space, cost, requirements and utility, giving you plenty of room and space to reach out and do more marketing and allowing more perspective customers to visit.

The ideal choice for businesses that already have an established customer base but want to do more marketing through the Internet and increase products and services to one hundred or more, plus handle increased resources for visitors.

Large hosting plans are good for expanding your business, enlarging your customer base, or developing and growing your site.

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Can't decide? Compare all of our hosting plans side by side. Still having difficulty? Call Inphase at 682-300-9010.

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