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About Inphase Policies

Table of Contents


Introduction to Inphase Policies

Definition of Terms

We, our, and us refer to Inphase Website Hosting & Design. Inphase believes that a somewhat informal atmosphere presents an easier atmosphere to do business in. So, sometimes we will refer to our company as Inphase, or the company, and at other times, we or us.

We do the same with our clients and visitors. Sometimes we may refer to you as you or your and sometimes as customer or client.


Understanding Inphase Policies

Our polices are to establish good working relationships between Inphase and its clients (those who are currently using Inphase services and products) and anyone who is thinking about using Inphase products and services.

Inphase policies serve as an agreement, setting responsibilities of both parties—you and Inphase. As we provide products and services to you, our clients, we have the responsibility to protect each of you and provide you with the best and continious services available. Our policies were designed to protect both you and Inphase's products and services.

We encourage you to read these policies before you signup for a product or service, or whenever you may have a question about Inphase services and products.

If you visit, shop, or use any of the products and services at or Inphase Website Hosting & Design, you accept these conditions set forth and contained in the entirety of Inphase Policies.


Organizing Inphase Policies

Instead of one long document containing small and, most often, unreadable text, we have organized our polices into several topics. Each topic, or policy, is dedicated to a page which discusses only one element, or subject matter, at a time.

This allows the page to load faster and presents only the topic required, making it more presentable and easier to read. You can read the topic you are most interested in and return to the rest at your convenience.

By organizing our policies in such a way does not intend to generate independent polices, rather make the Inphase Policy more readable and understandable.


Finding Inphase Policies

We provide links throughout Inphase website so individual policies can be readily found and read. The link to this Web page (that you are currently viewing) is entitled Policies and serves as the introduction or overview to the combined set of Inphase Website Hosting & Design policies.

A topic of interest may be covered in one or more policies. Therefore, each policy has its own TOC (Table of Contents) so the inquirer may readily find the information in which she/he is most interested.


Renewing Inphase Policies

Inphase may renew, edit, or make changes to its policies at anytime without further notice. However, Inphase makes special effort to notify its clients if a change has occurred within any policy.

You are encouraged to check back often or call 682-300-9010 to inquire of any changes to Inphase policies.


Using Inphase Policies

We provide Inphase Website Hosting & Design Policies as means of communication and publish them on Inphase website so they can be viewed and read whenever the client or website visitor so chooses.

When you visit or send it email, you are communicating with it electronically. And you consent to receive communications from Inphase electronically. Inphase will communicate with you by email or posting messages on its site and your control panel. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communication that Inphase provides to you electronically satisfies any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.



Inquiries regarding any Inphase policy should be directed to Policies at

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