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Phase 5: Management

If your website is to remain in an effective operational order, someone must manage it. Your website has many applications and functions that it must perform, along with many other programs and scripts applied to it to make it look and function correctly.

Inphase breaks the management process up into portions and offers each portion as a level of management. The intent is so you can purchase only the level of management you want, need, or that's within your budget. It's another way that Inphase lives up to its mission to help you get online and be successful at minimum cost.

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The different levels of management are listed below.

Management Level 1: Update

To get visitors to return to your site, keep it updated with new, fresh content.

Buy an Update Plan with Inphase Learn More about Inphase Update management

Management Level 2: Maintain

To keep your website working and fulfilling its purpose, get a good maintenance plan.

Buy a Management Plan with Inphase Learn More about Inphase Maintenance management

Management Level 3: Develop

To expand your website while it's working for you, put it in development mode.

Buy a Development Plan with Inphase Learn More about Inphase Development management

Management Level 4: Promote

To let people know what you do, advertise and promote your website.

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