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Management Level 2: Maintain

Purpose of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is to keep your website in good operational order as you intended it to be. It maintains the status-quo. It is to present your visitors with a pleasant experience while visiting your website as it ensures everything is working as it should.

A good maintenance program not only builds trust and confidence with your visitors, but can help control expensive repair costs.

What Website Maintenance Covers

What Is Included

Inphase Maintenance Plan also includes Management Level 1: Update, plus the following items that are included as maintenance:

What Is Not Included

The following items are not included under the Inphase Maintenance plan:

Inphase Management 2: Maintenance is for Inphase server side only and not for those programs and files on your personal or business computer.

Example of Website Maintenance

As an example of Inphase Maintenance plan, let's say you have several software programs interfacing with your website to make it function to achieve your online goals.

You have two Inphase Tools: an invoice program and webmail. You also have two software programs that are not supplied by Inphase: Facebook and Analitics-3.

If the invoice program quits working properly, Inphase will fix it. If Analiltics-3 quits working, Inphase will check your web page settings for that program and, if broken, will fix it. But Inphase will not logon to Analitics-3 and attempt to fix that program since it is not supplied by Inphase.

Inphase maintenance does not cover any third-party software, not supplied by Inphase.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

There are several advantages, or benefits, of having a good maintenance program:

Cost of Website Maintenance

$14.50 per Month for Inphase Management Level 2: Maintain

Reducing Repair Costs with Inphase Maintenance Management Services

The cost of repairing a website can be expensive. Technical repair can run $40 per hour in some areas. If the code to your site is involved, repair could run up to $80 per hour or more. If it takes a couple of hours to troubleshoot, repair, test, and republish to your server, just one instance of repair could cost you $80 to $160 at those prices. And there might be some hidden cost as disatisfied visitors and loss of sales because of downtime.

Inphase repair cost, without a management plan, is $30 per hour. With the $14.50 Maintenance, if one repair took 3 hours, the rate per hour would only be $4.83, compared to $90 without the plan.

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