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How to Get Help From Inphase

We give you lots of help resources if you should ever need it for your hosting or for any general concerns.

Regardless if you are only blogging, operating a full scale e-commerce store, or simply providing information for your visitors, the Help section is intended to give you all the information you need to successfully host your website with us and have a pleasant online experience.

Help Sections

Please feel free to choose your most convenient method of contacting us if you should need help with any of your Inphase services.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are designed to give quick answers to some of the more troublesome questions. They are organized alphabetically and are further organized by the topic of discussion for ease of finding what you need.


Our Glossary provides a list of useful and important Internet terms and their meanings, letting both you and Inphase know what something means and ensuring us that we are discussing the same thing.

Support Tickets

The Support Ticket is a system that gives a means of submitting an official and tracked document for getting your questions answered directly from Inphase. And it can be initiated directly through your email program. We constantly monitor the Service Ticket system and provide immediate contact and help.

Contact Inphase

Contact Details give mailing and email information for Inphase and several departments, plus our Contact Form, at the bottom of the page, gives you a means to submit your request to us via the Internet.


Our download section is an area that holds different detailed documents pertaining to your hosting account. Any of the documents can be downloaded to your computer.

It's being develolped, so please check back soon.


The Knowledgebase is intended to give more thorough answers to a more complex question. It tends to discuss a topic or present procedural steps in solving a problem rather than answering with a short statement.

Our Knowledgebase is also being developed, so please check back soon.


Inphase Policies are statements regarding the way we do business. They establish mutual ground for you and Inphase, explaining how we provide services for you and how you compensate us for those provided services.

More help is scattered:

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