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About Inphase Website Hosting & Design

Inphase is a custom website designing and hosting company located in Arlington, Texas. It has been helping the citizens of Tarrant County with their website requirements for the past ten years. It provides the necessary tools that any website owner, web master or developer needs to manage and succeed in his or her online business endeavors.

Regardless of your size or budget and whatever your Internet goals are, Inphase Website Hosting & Design can help you get a website, get it online, and manage it at minimum cost.


Inphase was founded in 2005 when a small client base of business owners requested a website design and hosting service for their companies. These business owners were regular customers of The Desktop Publishers, a small graphic design company that designed and performed short-run printing jobs for print publications and marketing materials.

The demand for Web design grew to a point where its functions separated from The Desktop Publishers and formed its own company. It took on the name Inphase (a play on the words "In" and "Phase") to express a relationship of harmony and synchronization between two or more elements. The name served the company well since Inphase was controlling five critical Web elements.

Inphase wanted to provide websites and hosting for any small business that desired to have an online presence—regardless of its operating budget. To do that, Inphase knew it would have to control prices and coordinate them with the different Web elements. As a result, it started providing lower than normal rates, many free services, and a host of products and services just to help the client get online.

Inphase was organized under Texas Tarrant County Law as a sole-proprietorship and remains that way today. The company is located in Arlington, Texas USA.


Inphase Mission is to keep the five important elements (design, domain, hosting, tools, and management) in sync to help small companies, churches and entrepreneurs publish their business to the Web at lower prices.

Inphase synchronizes the five most important Internet elements that promote a pleasant and prosperous online experience. Each element is independent of the other, yet dependent on the other to lay down a strong foundation upon which to build any type of online business; large or small and regardless of budget restraints. Each element compliments the other, which together, gives all the necessary elements to build a strong Internet presence via a website and hosting platform.


Inphase has some lofty goals and everyone of them is to reduce your costs for website hosting and design:


"Keeping you in sync with the Internet" expresses and clarifies Inphase's thought of synchronizing the five most important elements for online success.


Inphase's logo is made up of the name Inphase embedded on five sine waves. the "I" in Inphase is dotted five times to represent the five critical elements of online success. Each element, or dot, is placed on a separate sine wave to show their independence. The dots are also aligned to represent being in phase. The five independent sine waves merge and become one sine wave, showing harmony and singular in purpose after being managed by Inphase.

Unique Positioning

There are five primary online business utilities (the 5 Critical Elements) needed to keep a website functioning smoothly:

Inphase finds itself in a unique position by keeping these five utilities in phase so as to offer them in bundle form at lower prices, or individually so the customer can order only what is needed, spending only what is needed at the time it is needed. There is no need to "under" or "over" purchase. This helps Inphase accomplish its primary goal of helping small businesses make their presence felt on the Web. And it helps the small business owner reach her or his Internet goals at lower website and hosting costs, allowing her or him to reinvest their savings in their own businesses.


Inphase's owner and manager, Robert F. Poe, is a freelance graphic and Web designer who accommodates entrepreneurs, small companies, churches, and not-for-profit organizations that want a website, but may be operating on a shoe-string budget.

Robert served three years in the Army National Guard and four years in the US Navy before starting a career in management and serving churches that were struggling financially but waned to grow and improve their missions. He holds MTh and BBM degrees and retired in 2001 from Marconi Communications after 24 years of service. He founded The Desktop Publishers in 2003 ( a design company for print publications) and founded Inphase Website Hosting & Design in 2005.

Both companies were founded to help lower income companies and churches get their businesses online and promote them at lower costs.

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