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This management class keeps your website fresh with new information and keeps your visitors coming back for another visit. Fresh information also helps your SEO ranking.

Update includes three tiers so you can get the right number of updates you need at a more practical cost. The Annual Plan will further reduce the cost per update.

  • Update-4 gives you 4 update instances per month at $1.25 per update

  • Update-9 gives you 9 update instances per month at $1.11 per update

  • Update-14 gives you 14 update instances per month at $1.00 per update

You have a guaranteed proactive refund if you cancel your plan for any reason.
Maintenance includes
Maintenance refers to the continuous upkeep of your website, keeping it in good working order.

  • Update-9

  • preventative maintenance steps

  • repair maintenance to website & server

Includes Management 1 plus five more update incidents (9 total updates per month) and continuing upkeep of your present site, keeping it in good general condition.
Not for structural changes or 3rd party installs.