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The right hosting plan for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Hosting Plan-1

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    • Where basics meet economics!
      1 GB web space
      5 GB of bandwidth

      Good for laying a strong foundation. It's designed with the beginner in mind helping her/him to have an enjoyable online experience.
  • Hosting Plan-2

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    • Where a step is in the right direction!
      2 GB web space
      10 GB bandwidth

      Good for the company that wants to grow a Web presence by promoting products and services on a regular business.
  • Hosting Plan-3

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    • Where plans take action!
      4 GB web space
      20 GB bandwidth

      Ideal plan for an individual, group, or club that wants to share a lot of information or photos and become more socially active.
  • Hosting Plan-4

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    • Where entrepreneurs dream!
      5 GB web space
      25 GB bandwidth

      Allows any startup to jump online with a lot of tools and apps and start doing several different planning and marketing activities.
  • Hosting Plan-5

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    • Where business meets innovation!
      10 GB web space
      40 GB bandwidth

      Has lots of room to move around and experiment with different tools to improve your business or social network.
  • Hosting Plan-6

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    • Where marketing pays off!
      15 GB web space
      50 GB bandwidth

      For the small company with a smart marketing plan that wants to increase its customer base and number of visits per month.
  • Hosting Plan-7

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    • Where e-Commerce Kicks In!
      25 GB web space
      50 GB bandwidth

      The plan for "no worry hosting" with ecommerce capabilities, having under 50 products and 1,000 visitors per month.
  • Hosting Plan-8

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    • Where initiative grows!
      50 GB web space
      100 GB bandwidth

      For the small business that wants to expand the company, increase sales, and grow both its customer base and product lines.
  • Hosting Plan-9

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    • Where success has no worries!
      100 GB web space
      250 GB bandwidth

      Gives you virtually unlimited resources as it can expand and meet your demands when needed, yet it gives you inexpensive hosting.

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