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Inphase was founded in 2003 for the purpose of controlling five website elements: domain, design, hosting, tools and management. We keep these crucial elements in–phase for you, so they work harmoniously, keeping your website up and working and its cost down and manageable.

Call us at 817-861-0985 or 682-300-9010 or email us at and we will work with you to help you get your website online.

The Five Critical Phases For Website Success

These elements are critical for the proper functioning of any website.

Phase 1: Domain

Domain Name: A Critical Phase of Website Design

We put the domain element first because it is the first impression that a potential visitor gets about your site, your business, and yourself.

Your domain name is important; it tells online shoppers where to find your website and it gives them an idea of the type of business you provide. You should pick one with care.

When you register through Inphase, all registrations are in your name, not Inphase. You have full control over your own domain when you register through Inphase.

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Phase 2: DesignDesign: A Critical Pphase of Website Design

Design comes next, only because it is the next thing your visitors see when they arrive at your site.

Your design must be user friendly, easy to navigate, and informative, or your visitors won't stay long enough to see what you have to offer.

With Inphase, you can lock into lower design prices now, so when you enlarge your site as you grow, you can add to your site without any additional design cost.

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Phase 3: Hostingwebsite hosting data center

Hosting involves a clean, controlled, and well managed data center full of servers. Your website is assigned to one of these servers, serving you with the resources that make it possible to view your site and make it work for you.

We help you with your hosting costs by using a data center in the U.S. and offering different hosting plans and turnkey packages at reduced prices.

We offer you a lot of value for your website investment. Your visitors will appreciate it and so will your website.

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Phase 4: ToolsPlanning for website tools

We include website app's, scripts, software packages, etc, under the title of Tools. Tools are those devices that make your static website dynamic. They make your website work and accomplish your online goals.

We offer you over 380 FREE website tools, made possible through the data center and control panel that we provide you with to manage and control your hosting account.

Our free tools help you lower your cost while making your site work for you.

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Phase 5: Managementwoman writing in client area

It may surprise you of the number of website owners who do not provide any care for their websites. It may be because they didn't know they should, they don't know how, or they think it is too expensive. What ever the reason, the website sits there accomplishing nothing but taking up web space.

We broke the website management process up into several parts. Now, you can not only know what management your getting but also what it does. And you can get just the part of management you want and pay for only the part you use.

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